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Campaign Letter in The Times

Campaign Letter in The Times

The Campaign for the Public University has written a letter to The Times newspaper, printed today, and signed by 168 academics.  Here is copy of the letter.  You can also view the letter and an associated article on The Times website if you are a subscriber (or buy a paper copy).

Sir, The issues at stake for the future of higher education are not only to do with the proposed increase in student tuition fees. We believe that the public university is essential both for cultivating democratic public life and creating the means for individuals to find fulfilment in creative and intellectual pursuits. However, the UK Government proposes both to cut higher education spending more severely than other areas of public spending and to do this when other countries are increasing theirs. It also proposes to remove the public contribution to the teaching of the social sciences, arts and humanities, notwithstanding their demonstrable economic and public value.

A recent poll, conducted by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, shows overwhelming public support for spending on higher education, with 80 per cent saying it should increase or stay the same. Yet UK public funding of higher education is set to become the lowest among comparable OECD countries. By trebling student tuition fees, the Government seeks to replace the income lost by the withdrawal of public funding. Not only is this deeply unfair, it will transform the very nature of higher education. If implemented the policy would: damage the teaching of social sciences, arts, and humanities in many UK universities; impoverish the diverse community of research and teaching that universities now represent; encourage the belief that a university degree is little more than a transaction through which individuals buy themselves a highly paid job; and discourage a significant number of people from taking up a place in higher education.

We call for a proper and considered debate in which the public value of universities is a paramount concern beyond the simple requirement to decrease public spending.

Dr Christine Achinger, University of Warwick

Professor Patrick Ainley, University of Greenwich

Dr Sarah Amsler, Aston University

Professor Richard Apps, University of Bristol

Dr Paul Ashwin, Lancaster University

Dr Paul Bagguley, University of Leeds

Dr Clive Barnett, Open University

Hedley Bashforth, University of Bath

Dr Stephen Bates, University of Birmingham

Professor Gillian Bendelow, University of Sussex

Dr Paul Benneworth, University of Twente

Dr Gurminder K. Bhambra, University of Warwick

Dr Brenna Bhandar, Kent Law School

Dr Lisa Blackman, Goldsmiths

Dr Vikki Boliver, Bath Spa University

Dr Chris Bolsmann Aston University

Dr Maud Bracke, University of Glasgow

Dr Simon Bradford, Brunel University

Professor John Brewer, University of Aberdeen

Dr Katherine Brickell, Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Paul Brigden, University of Southampton

Anne Brunton, Buckinghamshire New University

Dr Benedict Burbridge, Courtauld Institute of Art

Dr Gideon Calder, University of Wales

Professor Joyce Canaan, Birmingham City University

Dr Mercedes Carbayo-Abengózar, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Havi Hannah Carel, University of the West of England

Mark Carrigan, University of Warwick

Professor Janet Carsten, University of Edinburgh

Dr Sin Yi Cheung, University of Birmingham

Dr Giovanna Colombetti, University of Exeter

Professor Nick Couldry, Goldsmiths

Professor Mark Cowling, University of Teeside

Dr Ruth Craggs, St Mary’s University College

James Crawford, University of Warwick

Dr John Croft, Brunel University

Dr Justin Cruickshank, University of Birmingham

Dr Jonathan Davies, Warwick Business School

Dr Matt Davies, University of Chester

Dr Jonathan Dean, University of Leeds

Dr Ipek Demir, University of Leicester

Dr Manali Desai, LSE

Dr Bella Dicks, Cardiff University

Professor Nigel Dodd, LSE

Dr Anneliese Dodds. Aston University

Dr Martin Dowling, Queens University Belfast

Dr Maria Duggan, University of Nottingham

Hannah Durrant, University of Bath

Professor Nick Ellison, University of Leeds

Dr Catherine Eschle, University of Strathclyde

Dr Andrew Evans, University of Leeds

Professor Norman Fairclough, Lancaster University

Dr Michael Farrelly, Open University

Professor Natalie Fenton, Goldsmiths

Professor Robert Fine, University of Warwick

Dr Tony Fisher, University of London

Dr Shaun French, University of Nottingham

Professor Steve Fuller, University of Warwick

Dr Lisa Garforth, Newcastle University

Dr Steve Garner, Aston University

Rachael Gee, Institute of Education

Thomas George, University of Warwick

Dr Hugo Gorringe, University of Edinburgh

Dr Reiner Grundmann, Aston University

Dr Katerina Hadjimatheou, University of Birmingham

Dr Richard Hall, DeMontfort University

Jo Halliday, Goldsmiths

Dr Jeni Harden, Edinburgh Napier University

Dr Christopher Harker, Durham University

Professor Ian Haywood, Roehampton University

Professor Jeff Hearn, University of Huddersfield

Rod Hick, LSE

Dr Tracey Hill, Bath Spa University

Dr Suzanne Hodge, University of Liverpool

Dr. Johannes Hoff, University of Wales

Professor Robert Hollands, Newcastle University

Dr Anne Hollows,Sheffield Hallam University

Professor John Holmwood, University of Nottingham

Dr Richard Hornsey, University of the West of England

Joe Hoover, LSE

Dr Rana Jawad, University of Kent

Professor Bob Jessop, Lancaster University

Dr Christopher Jones, Open University

Joanne Kalogeras, LSE

Dr Stephen Kemp, University of Edinburgh

Professor Julie Kent, University of West of England

Dr Christian Kerslake, Middlesex University

Amanda Kidd, University of Bristol

Paul Kirby, LSE

Dr Patrizia Kokot, Aberystwyth University

Pichaya Kositsawat, University of California

Dr Leena Kumarappan, London Metropolitan University

Dr Cath Lambert, University of Warwick

Professor Carole Leathwood, London Metropolitan University

Jurate Levina, University of York

Professor Ruth Levitas, University of Bristol

Kirsty Liddiard, University of Warwick

Dr Louise Livesey, Ruskin College Oxford

Dr Georgina Lock, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Pam Lowe, Aston University

Ms Linnea Lundman, University of Warwick

Professor John MacInnes, Edinburgh University

Dr Sara C MacKian, Open University

Dr Colin McFarlane, Durham University

Dr Patrick McGovern, LSE

Dr Stella Maile, University of the West of England

Professor Sallie A Marston, University of Arizona

Professor Luke Martell, University of Sussex

Kevin Mason, Centre for Alternative Technology

Yassamine Mather, Glasgow University

Dr Larch Maxey, Swansea University

Professor Tim May, SURF, University of Salford

Lucy Mayblin, University of Warwick

Dr Shamira A. Meghani, University of Sussex

Jane Miller, Warwick Business School

Professor Barbara Misztal, University of Leicester

Dr Surya Monro, University of Huddersfield

Professor Philip Moriarty, University of Nottingham

Dr Liz Morrish, Nottingham Trent University

Fiona Nash, Royal Holloway

Dr Daniel Nehring, Middlesex University

Dr Gillian Olumide, Swansea University

Dr Hilary Orpin, University of Greenwich

Professor William Outhwaite, University of Newcastle

Dr Christina Pantazis, University of Bristol

Chrysi Papaioannou, Kings College London

Professor Alison Pilnick, University of Nottingham

Dr Adrian Piper, APRA Foundation Berlin

Professor Scott Poynting, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Debora Price, Kings College London

Dr Polly Radcliffe, University of Kent

Dr Dwijen Rangnekar, University of Warwick

Professor Mike Reddin

Roberto Roccu, LSE

Dr Srila Roy, University of Nottingham

Meera Sabaratnam, LSE

Dr Kate Sang, UEA

Dr Balihar Sanghera, University of Kent

Professor Andrew Sayer, University of Lancaster

Dr Christina Scharff, LSE

Dr Franziska Schroeder, Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Robbie Shilliam, Victoria University of Wellington

Dr Elisabeth Simbuerger, Universidad Diego Portales

Dr Christine Skinner, University of York

Dr Alex Smith, University of Huddersfield

Peter Smith, St Mary’s University College

Dr Roy Smith, Nottingham Trent University

Sharon Smith

Professor Jonathan Spencer, University of Edinburgh

Professor Bruce Stafford, University of Nottingham

Dr Ngai-Ling Sum, Lancaster University

Dr Bronislaw Szerszynski, University of Lancaster

Rachael Thompson, Dumfries and Galloway College

Dr Zoë Brigley Thompson, University of Northampton

Dr Anja Timm, University of Southampton

Dr Judith Tsouvalis, Lancaster University

Dr Imogen Tyler, University of Lancaster

Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli, University of Leeds

Professor John Urry, University of Lancaster

Professor John Veit-Wilson, University of Newcastle

Professor James Vernon, University of California Berkeley

Dr Terry Wassall, University of Leeds

Professor James Whitley, University of Cardiff

Professor Chris Wickham, University of Oxford

Dr. Rafael Winkler

Professor Patrick Wright, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Sarah Young, UCL

  1. Please add my name to the letter. I hope it’s not too late for it to be added.

    Professor Les Back, Goldsmiths, University of London

  2. Dr Errol F I Roberts says:

    As a retired university teacher, I too wish to be associated with the above letter. Fifty years ago I was the beneficiary of “free” university education and thereafter spent my life trying to give back a little of the gift that education had given me. The present trend is nothing short of barbarism.


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