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Write to your MP (2)

Write to your MP (2)

Letter writing campaign by parents, school pupils, university staff and wider public.

With the House of Commons vote to enable the raising of student tuition fees due on Thursday 9th December, we urgently ask all members of the Campaign and others reading this website to contact your local student activists to ask them to contact their parents, school students and their parents and friends, to text or to email their MP. Parents etc are also urged to contact Liberal Democrat Headquarters and local party officers. This can be done through websites that enable you to enter a postcode to create a web-based message delivery service. We suggest a template below for letters that can be cut-and-pasted. Feel free to amend them as you see fit

Write to your constituency MP

LibDem MPs are able to abstain under the Coalition agreement, but abstention will simply allow the measure to be passed and so is, in effect, tacit support. If your MP is a LibDem MP, please point this out when you write. Labour MPs, of course, will be expected to vote against, but some Conservative MPs are also very unhappy with the proposals and so it is important that all MPs are contacted.

This link provides a simple process by which you can find out who your MP is and send him or her an email via the site.

Dear (MP’s name),

I am writing to you to express my very serious concerns about the government plans for universities and the proposed changes to the funding arrangements of higher education. I strongly support the public funding of universities. The concern to cut public spending and reduce the deficit offers no justification for a reduction in teaching support by 76% (which is well in excess of that demanded of other areas of spending). Students will be asked to pay two to three times as much as at present in fees, but there will be no additional money for Universities to spend on teaching and, for many Universities there will be a cut. The overall rationale of spending cuts is to prevent the burden of the present deficit from falling upon future generations. These proposals do precisely the opposite and make future students and their parents – your constituents – pay for the present debt and shoulder the cost of the public benefit of universities.

As a parent/member of the public and one of your constituents, I am dismayed not just about the content of these proposals but the fact that they have not been subject to proper discussion and democratic process, given no mandate for them was provided at the recent general election.

I urge you to support your constituents and to vote against these proposals.

Yours sincerely,

Send a message to the Liberal Democrats!

You can do this by cutting and pasting a message (suggested template below) and your details into a form at:

You can also enter a postcode to identify your local party and send them a message via your postcode entered on the main page (column at right-hand side, ‘Get Involved’):

You can also contact Vince Cable at:

Suggested template:

I am writing to express my outrage that Liberal Democratic MPs seem willing to tear up their pledge not to raise tuition fees. In stark contrast to the claim that budgetary cuts are necessary in order to protect future generations from the consequences of government debt, this shifts the burden of funding higher education onto the next generation. At the same time, it makes that generation pay the price of the UK now having the lowest public spending on higher education among comparable OECD countries. I am appalled at this action by Liberal Democrat MPs and their coalition partners. Liberal Democratic consciences will not be saved by abstention. Only a vote against the proposals will do.

  1. Nigel Tart says:

    My son is only 7, but I’m already worried he might be priced out of Higher Education. I’m a part time teacher and his mum’s a part time family support worker.

    This government is betraying a generation, and leading us (quite knowingly, I’m sure) back to a culture of privileged access to HE.

    Shame on them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy to write to my MP but I know that he will just respond with the ConLibs ‘facts on fees’ propaganda ( – so can you please help us deal with each of the points on that site – gritty facts are more effective (particularly if they directly address their counter arguments). Thank you.

  3. I am a mature student currently at university and I definitely would not have gone if I had to pay up to £9000pa. I also have a thirteen year old daughter who is on her schools gifted and talented program and I am extremely concerned about her future. I believe it will be the less well off families who have had no previous connection with universities that will not be able to see the benefits to their child of going, they will only see the cost. What about mature students-will they be priced out of the market too!

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