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Future of the Public University: European & US Perspectives

Future of the Public University: European & US Perspectives

The Conference on Philosophy and the Social Sciences (first established by Jurgen Habermas in the 1960s in Dubrovnik) met in Prague in May. Among the topics discussed was the Future of the Public University and the Implications for Critical Thought. The Campaign for the Public University is happy to host short papers from the session (click on authors to read the articles).

William Scheuerman dispels some myths about US Higher Education. If the UK is busy privatising its universities, it is not following the US model, which is a ‘mixed-model’ of higher education. Public universities make a distinctive contribution and deliver better education and research than many more expensive private institutions.

Asger Sorensen describes the situation in Denmark, with a particular focus on the 2002 University Act, which introduced a system of hierarchical and managerial governance and diverted research funding towards commercial projects.

Other contributions will be added.

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