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From an Occupied to a Public University

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From an Occupied to a Public University

Dutch colleagues, Willem Halffman* and Hans Radder*, criticise the occupation of the University by a ‘wolf-like’ management who no longer administer it in relation to its intrinsic values, but according to market and bureaucratic principles. Meanwhile, academics act like docile sheep, cooperating with each new initiative while writing criticisms and making appeals, but to little avail against relentless claims that there is no alternative. For Halffman and Radders, there is an alternative. But it isn’t a reassertion of the traditional university values and a return to an ‘ivory tower’ of the past. The alternative to the management occupied university is the public university aimed at the common good:  Workers of all universities: unite!

A draft of The Academic Manifesto: From an Occupied to a Public University is available here.

*Willem Halffman is a lecturer at the Radboud University’s Institute for Science, Innovation and Society in Nijmegen and has been working temporarily at various Dutch universities for the past twenty years. Until recently he was the coordinator of the National Research School for Science Technology and Modern Culture. He published, among other things, on scientific policy advice and on the role of knowledge in environmental policy (see for details).

*Hans Radder is professor emeritus in philosophy of science and technology at the Faculty of Philosophy of VU University Amsterdam. He edited the volume The commodification of academic research. Science and the modern university (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010), and is co-editor (with Alfred Nordmann and Gregor Schiemann) of Science transformed?Debating claims of an epochal break (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011).

  1. The Manifesto was published in Minerva (open source)

    Debate about the Manifesto: Edinburgh Uni, 16 June 2015, IASH 5.15 pm

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